Join us for Worldwide Candle Lighting in Reedley, CA

Click Here to open a pdf document you can print with event information! 😉

I have the most amazing news. We will be putting together a last minute location to celebrate the “Worldwide Candle Lighting”! Thank you so much to Mike and Cindy Kelly for accomodating this very last minute request.
Please share this information with everyone you know in the Fresno County area. The only other event in the county will be in Kerman.
This is a worldwide candle lighting memorial service that commemorates and honors children, siblings, and grandchildren of all ages who have died from any cause and transcends all ethnic, cultural, religious, and political boundaries.
The Worldwide Candle Lighting is TCF’s gift to the bereavement community. By holding an organized candle lighting service, allied organizations and all caring groups show unity by joining with TCF and its many chapters in remembering the lives of the precious children of this world who are no longer with us.
It does not matter how old your child was when they died, they are still our children of whom we have lost. Please join me, Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom from “” and light a candle for your lost child.
Here are the details:

Please join us Sunday December 11th at 6:30pm at Kelly’s Beach in the grass area. (9200 S. Kings River Road, Reedley, CA) We will have you sign in your childs name as you arrive and place an ornament you bring with you, on the tree provided. Also, please bring a candle in a jar that you will light with us all at 7pm and remain lit until 8pm. You may also bring a photo of your loved one to be placed on a remembrance table.

After the event, we will most likely join each other at the restaurant to remember our loved ones.
I would be honored to share this time with you as I honor my son Cliff.
Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom 😉