May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

As we kick off the month of May… is a busy and very sad month indeed.

Mother’s Day is upon us…..the saddest day of the year for me♥

Annual Candlelight Ceremony May 7th  @ Hope Lutheran Church

My first major Speaking engagement in front of a bunch of folks in Selma, CA on May 15th

The Anniversary of my son’s death…..May 25th.  This year will mark 10 years since he took his life.

Very busy month indeed….perhaps that is how I will get through May this year better than the past 9 of them after Cliff’s death…..

Sooo, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I attended a Youth Forum in Clovis, CA sponsored by the Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss yesterday May 2nd.

There were 23 youngsters who reached out for help and they were given support and resources!  Such a blessing♥

Our keynote speaker was the one and only “Kevin Hines05-02-15  kevin speaking If you do not know him, you need to get to know him!  He is an amazing human being, and his story will absolutely touch you deeply!♥

I was fortunate to meet Stan Collins with Directing Change.  He too has a story…one of struggles but he now shares his stories with youth so they can learn to know how to help others who may have thoughts of suicide. Stan at Youth Forum 5-2-2015 He showed several videos of California students who have entered an annual contest over the years, and one boy who placed in this years contest from Kingsburg, CA  I will be reaching out to our youth here in Fresno County CA and specifically the South County so we can have more entries next year!  Let’s find the talented, and gifted students in our very own back yard and represent the “559” well!  Such an amazing cause and such talent!♥

Get involved, spread the word!  If you don’t know how to talk to someone with thoughts of suicide, reach out to me and I will get you training on the subject.  It isn’t hard….it is actually very simple, and it just may save someones life!♥

Join us June 6th at the 4th Annual Suicide Prevention Walk/Open House in Reedley, CA ♥

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom♥

me and kevin 5-2-2015

Way to go Mark Henick

Mark HenickWe need to talk about Suicide…..thank you Mark Henick for doing just that.

We are all blessed by you, and you will continue to bless others for many years to come.  You may not know who they are, but you will make a difference in there lives all the same.

Take a moment to hear Mark’s message……


Please share this post… may have someone in your life suffering and you don’t even know it.

Let’s keep the conversation going and make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling.

May you all be blessed ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Cliff’s Mom ♥

Rest in Peace Chazz Petrella ♥

Chazz Petrella 1I just watched the documentary about R.I.P Chazz Petrella I too lost my son to suicide, but he was 27. It breaks my…

Posted by Priscilla L Brooks on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This is the story of Chazz Petrella…..

Please take 45 minutes out of your life to watch.

Chazz Petrella, we will find a way to help children like yourself to get the help they need.  I am sick of it always being about the money….I will find a way to make this happen in your memory just as I am for my son Cliff ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Cliff’s Mom ♥

2015 World BiPolar Day ~ Bless you Kevin Hines ♥



Kevin Hines……if you don’t know him, or don’t know his story, you need to!

I was blessed to hear Kevin speak at Fresno State last year, and will hear him again this year at the 2015 Youth Forum held by the Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss organization.

Take a look at this beautiful video Kevin shared with us…..

WORLD BIPOLAR DAY 2015* from Kevin Hines on Vimeo.

Thank you Kevin…..see you in May.

May God bless you beyond measure ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Cliff’s Mom ♥

Click Here ====> 4th Annual Reedley Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk

Remembering Cliff ♥

Today, March 7th 2015, my only son, Clifford Edwin Widmer, III Candle Lighting  Cliffordwould have turned 37.  So today I will remember him, all of our fond memories, and rejoice in what is to come because of his death.

The articles of incorporation for Cliff’s Story, Inc. were sent in a couple of weeks ago, and I expect the filed copy back in the mail very soon.  This is the first step in creating a non-profit in Cliff’s name so his legacy will live on for lifetimes to come.

To get an idea of what the vision is for the non-profit, check out the “Press Release” on this blog.  It explains not only why I am so passionate about it, but why it will keep Cliff’s legacy alive.

Cliffords House

Cliff was such a kind soul.  He loved nature and the outdoors.  I remember when he was only a baby, if he was crying or fussy, all I had to do was take him outside.  He immediately got quiet and seemed at peace.

cliff_riding_a_horse_e63e3_SmallCliff also loved animals….all types of animals.  He was an excellent fisherman, and loved the water.  From a very young age he was drawn to the water.  He was a natural swimmer, so thankfully we didn’t have to worry about him drowning.

I haven’t in the past been so melancholy on Cliff’s birthday, but today I can’t seem to shake it.  So instead, I am going to continue to remember him today and put everything else to the side for the day.  I don’t do that much, but when I am slowed down, I have learned to embrace it, and feel it.  Truly feel it.

If your child, or someone you know has lost their life, you know that it can be sad remembering them, but also very uplifting.  As a mother, when you lose a child, you lose a part of you.  A part of your being, a part of your soul.  You truly never are the same as you were before.

I have learned over time that I am different, will remain different than before his death, and I am okay with that.heart with clouds

If today I could ask just one thing from all of you, just have nothing but LOVE in your heart today.  Think of only positive, beautiful things, smile a lot and spread it around you.  That would be quite a blessing for not only me but for my son as well!

If you are suffering a loss today…..embrace the grief.  You must feel it and experience it if you are going to get through it.  It is tough, very tough and I wouldn’t wish it upon even an enemy.  Although I really don’t have enemies, you get the idea. 🙂

Mom and Cliff at the LA ZooThank you for spending a few minutes with me today as I remember my beautiful boy.

I miss him every moment of the day, and putting together this non-profit will keep his name alive.  That is what gets me up every day, and pushes me forward when all I want to do is collapse.

Love to you all my friends! ♥

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom♥


4th Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony in Reedley ~ Remembering our Children

As we work hard towards getting through this holiday season, lets remember all of the children who were lost too soon ♥

We will be meeting at Changes Salon in Reedley; 1761 11th Street.  Registration begins at 6pm.  If you are out of the area or unable to grieve in public, I have recorded a ceremony just for you below.

May God Bless you this season♥


[tentblogger-youtube yUjuGqVE8Rg]

===>2014 Remembrance Book <===

Don’t forget to enter a message in the Remembrance Book Above


Candle Lighting Ceremony -  Anthony KempherCandle Lighting  Clifford


jason Lighting Christian Sr Pic

4th Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony in memory of our Children

Please share this information with everyone you know.2014 candle lighting ceremony logo

My husband Tony and I have hosted this event, this being our 4th year, and every year it actually blesses us as we are able to help others who have also lost a child.

We never know who will show up, but we know that whomever the Lord sends our way, we will embrace them and share our experience which in turn helps them at the same time.

Losing a child is hard enough, but during the holidays it is much harder to cope….this is our effort to not only keep our children’s memory alive, but also help those of us left behind to cope with this pain.

Here are the details for our event in Reedley on this Sunday December 14th♥

Flier for Candle Lighting Ceremony


Priscilla L. Brooks, Cliff’s Mom♥

For more details, you can email me at

Fundraiser for Cliff’s Story

Hey friends, family and followers!

I was at a boutique last night fundraising for Cliff’s Story, and I still have a few boxes left.  They make great gifts! ♥Usborne Card Fundraiser                                                                                                                                                                                                            Please consider purchasing a box of cards.  They are $31.40 and $13 of that is donated to Cliff’s Story.

If you are local I can deliver~ if not, I can ship to you….I will check on the cost to ship.

Each box has 30 individually wrapped cards for all occasions.

Thank you so much for your support!

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom ♥


4th Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony to be on 12-14-14

The date for our 4th year of supporting our community by participating in this worldwide event has been set.

Please save the date of December 14, 2014 to join us♥

1761 11th Street
Reedley, CA 93654
6pm – Registration
6:30 – Ceremony Begins
7:00 – Candles are lit until 8pm

At this time I am asking all of you to please share this post, as I am in search of photos of children who have been lost to any type of death.

It blesses us every year to help families during a very heartbreaking time in their life.

We understand their pain, and somehow that seems to help, if just a little bit.

The holidays are the very hardest time, and we know this.

Please help us to spread the word so we can bless all of the lost children in this world and keep their memories alive!

May GOD bless you♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Cliff’s Mom ♥

Cillas pub shot 1 449x600

My son Clifford E. Widmer, III who died on 5/25/05