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Press Release



A Mother’s Vision in Memory of her son Cliff ♥

Tollhouse, CA, January 1, 2025– “Clifford’s House”, located in Tollhouse, CA serves young adults with mental health challenges in memory of Clifford Edwin Widmer, III, the son of Priscilla L. Brooks who was lost to suicide on May 25, 2005, and is Thriving!

Priscilla says:  “So many of God’s children, animals, etc. are blessed at “Clifford’s House”  “The Lord has blessed this land and given me the vision and means to provide a safe place where they are all understood, finding their own inner light, passion, the gifts they were born with, and thrive!”

“Clifford’s House”, as Priscilla has stated since day one, is “Heaven on Earth”.  This 40-acre compound is a place for young adults with mental health challenges to come and learn life and trade skills, leading to self-sufficiency.  The program offered includes a “brain scan” from Dr. Amen so they can first be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly.   As well as an essential oil protocol, other natural/holistic remedies, detoxing and organic eating getting them into the very best health possible. In addition, they are coached on positive thinking, coping skills, and overall wellness.  Counselors are on staff and hold regular sessions for these young adults as they progress through the program.  They are able to begin their healing process through the animal rescue on the premises.

The vision started out of the need for Cliff’s Mom, Priscilla to keep her son’s memory alive.  She wanted to help others who suffered from mental health challenges as her son did, to be able to be self-sufficient.  Although she was not able to provide this for her son, she has put into place a program, a legacy that will last many lifetimes into the future.  She wanted all of Cliff’s favorite things on this property, a beautiful pond for fishing, an animal rescue because Cliff absolutely loved animals, as does his mom♥.  He loved to swim, so there is an amazing pool area used by the people in “Clifford’s House” as well as for catering functions staffed by these young adults.

As she prayed about this vision, it became more and more, a place to feel the divine presence of our heavenly father. The entire parcel is blessed and as you enter, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by his presence.

There is a chapel on the premises, services are held regularly with traveling pastors at this time.  Perhaps one day the Lord will bless us with a permanent pastor.

The trade skills needed for these young adults with mental health challenges are those that are not your typical 9-5 jobs.  So we offer, through the ownership of 40 rental properties via Clifford Properties, an income stream for the homestead, along with skills such as painting, plumbing, fencing, landscaping, roofing, property management, and the list goes on.  We have on our adjacent property, a few other businesses such as a beauty shop, restaurant, etc which allow for additional opportunities for these young adults.  The banquet facilities on our adjacent property offer the skill of catering, event planning, wedding planning as we offer weddings as well in our Chapel and reception in our banquet facilities.

As our young adults grow stronger and stronger, finding the passions within them, they are healed and ready to transition into our on-site apartments where they learn how to pay rent, develop a budget, pay utilities, etc.  Some stay on and become leaders and mentors in this community, while others are able and ready to get back out into the world and survive as healthy adults serving their communities.

We teach homesteading on this property, and for those who take to this lifestyle, we will provide a 2.5 – 5 acre parcel of land for them to begin their own homestead.  They will develop community within the area they are in, utilizing their own gifts to provide and sustain their own family.

We also grow and sell alfalfa hay, of course, we keep what we need for all of our animals, and only sell the portions we are not able to use.  Our garden also has organic vegetables we need to feed us all.  The Vegetable garden is surrounded by just about every fruit tree you could think of.  Priscilla found every tree that would grow in our environment.

All of the staff and young adults are able to join us for meals in our large kitchen/social area.  This has recently been opened up to families in the community that have a tough time affording to feed their families healthy meals.

“This homestead that started out as a vision has become such a blessing to not only me but to so many others in the community!”

When asked how this makes her feel, Priscilla had this to say…..

When you live a vision daily for over 20 years, to see it take on life and serve others, it fills my heart with such joy!  And, it has helped me to get through my own grief process and keep the memory of my son alive.  I used to weep when I would see a dog on the side of the road, or tied to a pole in front of a pet store, left behind, and now, I merely pick them up, give them love and bring them to the homestead to live out the rest of their years with the same peace that everyone else feels the moment they enter the property.  It is so hard to describe how intense and deep the feelings go when you are able to see this vision come to life!  I am so blessed beyond words, and my heart is full of Love and Joy beyond measure.  The young adults who have made it through this program, healed and ready to face the world, give me the Joy that only a mother could feel.  You see, I am able to help these young adults get their life back in memory of my son, even though I was not able to do it for him.  This blesses me more than anything and I know Cliff is smiling down on us all as he had such a giving spirit and a tender heart.  My son was sacrificed so that many more could be fulfilled with not only healing but discovering their inner beauty, their God-given gifts, and thriving through them all.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Priscilla Brooks, Cliff’s Mom ♥ by email at CliffsMom@CliffsStory.com.

My son Clifford E. Widmer, III who died on 5/25/05