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International Bereaved Mother’s Day 2018

1st Annual Moms Retreat to be held on International Bereaved Mothers Day

I am pleased to announce that our very first “Survivor Moms” Retreat will be held on Saturday/Sunday May 5/6 2018.

This has been a goal of mine, having a retreat, for a few years now. I just learned of this new “International Bereaved Mother’s Day” this year. It is a perfect time to lift up and strengthen both my Survivor Moms, and all Moms who have lost a child.

Since it is one week to the day prior to Mother’s Day, this is a way to celebrate without feeling so sad, and fill ourselves with the love and peace that only another Mom could understand.

I will be raising money to keep the costs down and also provide scholarships to those who cannot afford to pay to come.

All moms who want to attend will be welcomed with open arms

I love all of you Moms out there, and we will celebrate our children together next year, in a safe place. And we will love each other and remember together.

Love to all of you Moms out there!

Mark your calendars now!

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom ♥