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Jordan Burnham speaks about his suicide attempt

In researching about Jordan Burnham, I found him on activeminds.org.  He is a great inspiration to anyone who has tried to commit suicide, or has ever thought about committing suicide.  Take a look……


Please share!

We need to reach out and help those who cannot tell us they are suffering!

If someone should share with you their thoughts of wanting to commit suicide, please share the “Crisis Hotline” number 1-800-273-2855

Thank you……..

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom

Joey Pantoliano shares about Depression

I was talking with a new friend of mine today, Sheila.  We were just talking about our past involvement on the issue of mental illness, and she told me about this documentary that Joey Pantoliano did.  I have included a couple of videos below that I wanted to share with you.  It is so important to get the word out about mental illness, and reach out to those who suffer……..


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I really want you to hear about Jordan Burnham as well…..he suffers from Depression. He talks about the fact that many people do not understand that there is a difference between being depressed, and suffering from depression.

If you are suffering, I hope this will inspire you to reach out for help. You are loved, and although the illness makes you feel that you and everyone else would be better off without you, that is just not true!

If you are in crisis, please click on the yellow ribbon and call the hotline and get the help anonymously if that is what it takes. Please, for all of the people that love you, reach out for help!

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom