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Getting Started

 Hey Everyone!

Cliff's Mom Priscilla
Cliff's Mom Priscilla


My name is Priscilla Brooks, and I am Cliff’s mom.  We lost him in May of 2005, and it will be my lifes mission to make sure that his life had a profound meaning, and that his death was not just the end of his life.

I want to reach out to those who have been affected by mental illness, and eventually set up a foundation in Cliff’s name to help people who have different forms of mental illness to earn a living and be self sustaining.

I know that Cliff wanted so badly to do well and earn a living, but because his moods were so unpredictable, it was nearly impossible.

In addition, we need to have more public awareness of mental illness, and simple education.  We need to help those who have been affected by it and learn to be there for them.  Mental illness is very tough on everyone, and people tend to sweep it under the rug and avoid it.  We must turn this around and open our arms to help all that are affected.  We don’t have to pretend to understand or know how to approach this, but simply be aware, learn, and support those around us when asked.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my son, and I want him to be remembered…..I want change in his name!

Please suscribe to the RSS feed, come to the site and read the blogs, comment on them and share with others please!  All of these actions will help us get high page rankings on the search engines and help us to reach more people.

God bless you and have an awesome day!

Say a prayer every evening for those affected by mental illness, whether directly or indirectly!