You ARE Special!

I am reaching out to you today, whomever you are, to tell you that you ARE Special!

If you are suffering and need help, please call the crisis hotline, or click on the National Suicide Prevention logo on the upper right side of the page!

I have included a video I would like you to watch please…….

Please notice how heart broken these parents are……we all have loved ones who want to know if you are suffering to the point where you want to end your life! You DO matter, and you are LOVED!

I didn’t get the chance to heal my son, and save him from committing suicide, but my hope is that in his name, I can reach out to anyone who is suffering and let them know that I understand, and I want you to get help…..please! The pain you are experiencing is tremendous I have no doubt, but please think of your family, they will experience your pain and the additional pain of losing you for the rest of their lives.

Please get help!

If you know someone in pain, please pass this message on to them so they can get the anonymous help they are seeking!

You DO matter! You ARE special!

All my LOVE and PEACE to you!

Cliff’s Mom…..Priscilla 🙂